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WARNING: It is dangerous to access links on this page with scripts enabled. Before proceeding, click on the

Tor Button (Green Onion) select Security Settings... and set the Security Slider to High. Also type about:config in the address bar and set JavaScript.enabled to false to manually disable JavaScript.

WARNING: Many Links on this page could be SCAMS or contain VIRUS' Please Be Careful, Never Pay for CP, Only Donate, Use a Safe OS like Tails OS, Don't Trust any Closed Source Softwares and Be Careful of Scams


Purpose & Background of this page

This wiki page discusses resources specifically for people who are attracted to children. This includes everything from discussion groups and forums to modeling images of children to hard core child pornography.

This wiki is a group effort and everybody will get the most out of it if everybody makes quality contributions so feel free to add any resource you know of. This page is constantly vandalized. Please make backups for yourself. If you're a person looking to vandalize please don't. Please respect our free speech rights as well.

It is important that you stay as safe as possible when browsing these sites. Consider reading about Browser security, or how to be anonymous. Use encryption to encrypt illegal files. Stay anonymous at all times and never reveal information about yourself.

When you create an account on these sites, make sure you don't use the same username as you do on the clearnet. If your username is AnimeFan777 on the clearnet, DO NOT USE that username on any of the sites on Hard Candy or any other illegal websites on Hidden Wiki. It is ok you use the same username on all Hard Candy sites (i.e. LoliFan777 on all Hard Candy), but don't use the same username on hard candy sites as you do on the clearnet.

And remember, never use the same password on more than one hard candy site. Law enforcement agencies are using fake sites (honeypots) to steal login information.


On Wiki

  • Activism sugestions - List of suggestions to reconcile general society with child lovers and minor-attracted persons.
  • Age of Consent - Information on the statutes and legal codes that define what ages sex is legal with.
  • Centralization Project - For now this is just discussion about creating a distributed wiki-like database complete with image samples and file hashes.
  • Encrypting CP Guide - How to store CP securely on your computer.
  • History of CP - An attempt to make an encyclopedia of child pornography, child models, MySpace girls and the like.
  • Increasing Anonymity Protection with SELinux - SELinux is short for Security-Enhanced Linux. If you are on Linux, and have SELinux available in your Linux distribution, these tips might help to avoid attempts at breaking your anonymity. (Warning: The NSA was the original developer of SELinux)
  • Index of Child Pornography - An attempt to List/Sort models of Child Pornography.
  • Pedo Tag - Discussion on how to identify the pedo community.
  • Research Into the Impact of Child Sex - A discussion of scholarly research into the impact of child sex on adults later in life.
  • Safely Meeting Pedos in Real Life - How pedos with access to girls can verify other pedos in order to meet in real life. Main ideas are trading CP, testing CP knowledge, waiting for custom material requests, then preparing an "accidental" meeting to create an alibi.
  • Tor Candy - created to Shorten the Hard Candy page & Provide links to Tor Hidden Services without linking to Potential Scams or websites that Require JavaScript enabled.
  • Tor Browser Security Guide - How to use the Tor Browser Bundle securely.
  • Underage Erotica - List of all links to Tor hidden services that focus on looking at or thinking about children in an erotic way. The websites may focus on just discussion, non-nude material, nude material, child pornography or a combination of these. Listed in an easy to browse table format.
  • Why Child Porn is Illegal? - An essay that explains what one person believes is the real reason child porn is illegal.
  • How to create an Onion Site - A tutorial on creating a onion site of your own, and reducing the attendant anonymity/security risks of doing so.

External Resources


  • How to Practice Child Love - Education and a step-by-step guide for adults on engaging in sexual relationships with underage children.
  • The Pedophile's Handbook - This handbook is a collection of guides for pedophiles that aims to cover as many subjects as possible regarding pedophilia and child love practice, while being continuously under development with improvements and new content. This book is free of charge and fully open, and can be immediately and safely viewed without JavaScript, Cookies or membership.
  • Hiddenhost The only Tor hosting provider who allows CP Content. Confirmed scam by multiple users. [SCAM]
  • XXXPTHC JAlbum(only html) based gallery, for free fap.
  • PedoMarket Everything you need as a pedo. [SCAM]


Clearnet BBS

NOTE These links PROBABLY require an extra proxy in order to access. To view the sites use another web proxy for example Public CGI proxy or/and a VPN Clearnet Warning: Clearnet links.


Girls only

  • GirlChat Clearnet - Board for chatting about girl love. Strongly anti-rape. Registration required to post. The hint of anything illegal will get you banned.
  • Pigtails In Paint Clearnet - Blog about girls in art.
  • Visions of Alice Clearnet - Visions of Alice provides a safe, supportive, and legal environment where Girl-Lovers and others interested in Girl-Love can share thoughts, opinions, feelings, and experiences. (also site has German talking area). They also publish a magazine Clearnet for childlovers.

Boys only

Girls & Boys


Girls only

We are a legal community of pedophiles (girl lovers) focused on the prevention of child sexual abuse, on research of pedophilia and especially child sexuality. Everybody who has personal experience or general knowledge on these topics to share with us is welcome. We also create audiovisual section containing beautiful legal images of little girls. We have a Czech version and an English version called Pedonia Empire.

Boys only

Girls & Boys

Chat Services


WARNING: Always assume that the person you're chatting with could be a white knight, journalist or a member of law enforcement!

WARNING: TorChat Could be UnSafe Details here

Obtaining & Upgrading

TorChat can be downloaded at GitHub. Clearnet (Manually updating will NOT Fix Important Security Issues! - Use Updated Software) The Tor binary in TorChat is seriously out of date, and needs to be manually updated. Follow the steps below to do so on Windows:

  1. Close TorChat if it's running.
  2. Download the Expert Bundle from the Tor Project Clearnet
  3. Extract the file you downloaded in the step 2.
  4. Copy all the files in the Tor directory (libeay32.dll, libevent_core-2-0-5.dll, libevent_extra-2-0-5.dll, libevent-2-0-5.dll, libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll, libssp-0.dll, ssleay32.dll, tor.exe and zlib1.dll) to the bin\Tor directory under your Torchat install directory, overwriting the files that are already there.
    • For example, if your Torchat directory is E:\Torchat\ and you extracted the Expert Bundle to E:\TorExpertBundle\ you would copy the files from E:\TorExpertBundle\Tor\ to E:\Torchat\bin\Tor\
  5. You can now start TorChat and it will be running with the latest Tor binary.



WARNING: Always assume that the person you're chatting with could be a white knight, journalist or a member of law enforcement!

Tox is an encrypted peer-to-peer serverless instant messenger that also supports voice and video chat. It can be configured to work over Tor, Clearnet and should be before using it to communicate with others. See tox.chat Clearnet for more information.

It should be noted though that anyone you can actually connect to through Tox is either an elite routing through a hacked machine with a modified version of Tox (unlikely), law enforcement, or a total newfag (most likely). Tox requires at least one party to have a clearnet listening port to connect, the only thing the program provides is end to end encryption. There is less anonymity than you could get by simply using AIM, YIM, or other traditional chat services through Tor, using OTR. It's a scam for law enforcement to get newfag IPs, just like all of the Kik rooms that are flooded everywhere that you can't possibly anonymize.

Tor Web Chat Sites

WARNING: These chats are also accessible to bots and federal agents who may log legitimate users and trick them into giving uniquely identifiable information. Take care when opening links.


  • Ableonion Chat - Realtime chat. No javascript.
  • Elysium Tiny-lovers Chat - Chatroom for tiny-lovers. Focuses on boys and girls under 5.[DOWN]
  • Princess Jade Chat (PJC) - Launched in April 2015, girl lovers chat, English main chatroom - Very user friendly staff, HtC references are banned, relates to the rules of "Just Love No Hurt". [DOWN]
  • Random Chat - One-to-one random chat.
  • Tabooless Chat (alternate short link) - If you like Freedom of Speech come and enjoy chating and sharing with other fans (Please no spam & Tag Extreme Images) EN & DE
  • The Boy Wonder - Boy Lover's chat, utilizing a customized version of LE Chat using frames. [DOWN]

WARNING: New Cumers Chat (NCC), the oldest and greatest of web-based chats was run by Australian LEA from June 2014 until it was closed in May 2015. If you gave out any identifiable information there you should take appropriate precautions. (See: TLZ - NCC Owner skee arrested Clearnet)



All known .onion servers are listed on the Chat_Centric_Services#IRC IRC topic page, consider reading the IRC Anonymity Guide.


In the latest releases of Bitmessage (0.43 and higher at least) here's how to add a distributed mailing list (now known as a "chan"):

From the File menu select "Join / Create chan". In the dialog box click on "Join a chan", then type in the chan name exactly as it is given to you. The chan's name serves as the passphrase for the Bitmessage address/key. Now paste in the BM address for the chan and click OK. If you pasted in everything correctly it's now added. You will now receive messages sent to the chan, and can send messages to the chan. You can also use the chan address to send your message and no one will know who sent it, unless you give it away in the text. Here's the hard candy chan's info:

    Chan name: hard candy
    Chan bitmessage address: BM-2DApfrXLQZMHRTVTNyEmGSPN2Ge4MUUQFb

XMPP Services

  • Infantile has no rules and is perfect for pedo chats.

Additional Info


For a larger list of uploaders look at File hosts and image hosts

Tor Uploaders

Clearnet Uploaders

Resources: Non-Nude

The following sites are NOT child-porn sites but sites with non-nude models under 18. Please DO NOT post child-porn here because some may not like nude or hardcore material. There are plenty of other places in the section below. The sites listed here do not tolerate child porn in any form, although their images have been rated child porn in some jurisdictions, so they can NOT be regarded LEGAL everywhere.

Image Boards


Other Sites



Torrent Sites

BitTorrent in theory can be set up over Tor with the help of OnionCat. However, some BitTorrent software will break your anonymity by sending your IP address over Tor. (See Bittorrent over Tor isn't a good idea Clearnet and Not anonymous: attack reveals BitTorrent users on Tor network Clearnet for more information.) Also, BitTorrent will choke the Tor network to a standstill, as it is not designed to take the load BitTorrent creates. This is not safe and harms the Tor network!

  • Bitsnoop Clearnet - As of October, 2013, has a lot of softcore and hardcore materials, most are clearly marked as such and can be easily found using pedo keywords, such as LS Dreams.
  • Deadfrog Clearnet - 3D/anime/manga loli art mostly.
  • The Pirate Bay Clearnet (Tor .onion) - Tons of preteens and some jailbait, all non-nude. NOTE: The Pirate Bay has deleted almost all non-nude torrents because of new laws. You can use the Proxybay Clearnet if The Pirate Bay is blocked by your ISP, but connecting directly, without Tor, is quite risky.
  • Torrentz Clearnet - Large collection of both non-nude and nude models, lots of LS stuff. Hardcore is minimal but can be found. [DOWN]
  • Torrentz2 Clearnet (Tor .onion) -is the replacement of Torrentz.eu. A free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines

Resources: Nude or Hardcore


Please consider contributing to the community by starting your own onion site: or at least offering advice on that page to those who would like to. See also Underage erotica.

Link lists and wikis

Discussion boards


  • All Natural Spanking forum - spanking forum.
  • Baby Heart - forum for baby lovers. Part of the Bv4 branch. [CAUTION] May have been infiltrated. Doesn't allow deletion of posts, messages or account.
  • Boy Vids v4.0 (info) - Boy Vids v4.0 is a Boylover community. Movies, tv shows, videos, books, comics, magazines, photos, pornography, songs, everything about boys, dedicated to boylovers. The most vibrant boylover community with people joining every day, it is indeed a public, open and free board, slightly moderate to avoid harmful things to the pedophile community. It is a place where you can be happy, be yourself, and talk about anything, even controversial issues, receiving and giving respect. It is the biggest boylover board on onionland since his begin, the biggest public pedophile board since middle of 2013, and the biggest pedophile board since the begin of 2015.
  • Forbidden Fruit (info) - NEW Board for New and Rare material only! Membership thru content or bitcoin/XMR ONLY. No exceptions.
  • Hurt MEH (info) - new hurtcore site. Part of the Bv4 branch.
  • Magic Kingdom (alternate) (info) - Largest open forum on Tor Has Played an Stupid April Fools day prank
  • Pedo Support Community 5.1 - A discussion and support board for those attracted to children. Discussion is highly moderated. Not intended for image sharing, etc.
  • SweetSex Discussion Board - A simple discussion board.
  • FullTalk - Chat rooms for pictures and videos sharing. No registration and login required.
  • Little Rabbit Hole v2 (v3) - Forum WARNING: Admin of LRH has been Banning Accounts and Deleting threads with no Warning or Explanation, The Admin appears not smart enough to run such a forum and you should avoid.


  • Anjos Proibidos (info) Boylove community dedicated to discussions, stories, images and videos. Guides and advice for newcomers. English version available.
  • Available Portal блоговая социальная сеть для герлаверов/бойлаверов - требуется Javascript (Russian blogging social network for girl & boy lovers. Javascript is required)
  • Bl-lit Boys in Art and Literature.
  • CebollaChan 4.0 CebollaChan: El Tor-chan en Castellano.
  • RuPedo - Новый русскоязычный форум [DOWN]
  • Sale Histoire - Les histoires (vraies) les plus sales du web

Image and video boards

Girls only

  • CP site - Scam with satoshibox. [SCAM]
  • LC Lolita City Forum - CAUTION! Claims to be a forum. You must post 1 post to ask for permission. Result: Nothing happens after the 24 hours they claim it should take for permission. Unsafe links. Only Admins post are available and those are all at unsafe links. A scam forum, most probably a big TRAP!! DO NOT TRUST IT! BE AWARE! Youonline have been warned! [CAUTION] [SCAM]
  • FVG - Big collection of photo and video little girls. [SCAM] Requires BitCoin
  • Spots of Purity - Is in No way a Charity site. the social network requires scripts Available Portal Only external Premium Links (JavaScript is required) [SCAM]
  • Ultimate Pedo Archives - Requires knowledge of studio girls to gain access. Trying to register is like trying to solve a rubik's cube, only a few will get in.
  • CP site - The largest collection cp and photo video. [SCAM]

Boys only

  • 3D Boys - Community for computer generated and hand-drawn images featuring boys. The board is open to artists and viewers alike. (NO childporn photographs or videos inside) (Registration and Introduction required, because we want active users only)
  • Boy Vids v4.0 (info) - Boy Vids v4.0 is a Boylover community. Movies, tv shows, videos, books, comics, magazines, photos, pornography, songs, everything about boys, dedicated to boylovers. The most vibrant boylover community with people joining every day, it is indeed a public, open and free board, slightly moderate to avoid harmful things to the pedophile community. It is a place where you can be happy, be yourself, and talk about anything, even controversial issues, receiving and giving respect. It is the biggest boylover board on onionland since his begin, the biggest public pedophile board since middle of 2013, and the biggest pedophile board since the begin of 2015.
  • Naturist Boy Vids v2.0 - Forum, created to facilitate the sharing of naturist boy videos.

Girls & Boys

  • CandyTube - Video and photo archive. You are not required to register, Upload limit is 1000MB and current total storage is 240gb available. This website is starting and need content, But it requires Javascript Never enable any form of Scripting, Keep Security Slider on High. Don't put any personal information in the website. Download is possible without JS, view page source and Ctrl+F for '.mp4'
  • anyGIF Underage animated GIF.
  • CPTProject HTML5 Sharing and Streaming Video Community. JavaScript required for Video Streaming, without JS you can still download the video. [Started 08/21/17] [SCAM]
  • Scream girls - Pain, screaming, suffering, abuse, humiliation, circumcision, violence, beating, Studio productions of bullying. And much more you will find here. [SCAM][1]
  • freedomchan - tor-only no censorship imageboard! CLOSED: Message from admin freedom chan has shut down. Will be restarted once i can afford to pay for bandwidth costs! Bye! . Here's a crazy idea, don't make a site if you're BROKE
  • SIN SITI More than 6 terabytes of video files. More than 100,000 photo sets. [SCAM]
  • Pre&teen Collection - Site selling content for BTC, inclues samples. [SCAM]
  • Welcome To Video - Video downloads, similar to Media Exchange. Requires uploads to get download credit. Uploads from file manager reset the page to reload and never work. [CAUTION]
  • xPlay - Adult video streaming, including underage. Videos are too slow to play and streaming is considered unsafe (uses .webm as video format). You can download it right click the video, click "view video", then right click again when it loads to another page and click "Save video as". Just don't be an idiot.
  • VIRGIN TEENS - Virgin Teens: It is a global archive with teenagers who are trying sex for the first time a lot of materials were stolen from hacked phones of teenagers. [SCAM][2]
  • FHT - Gallery PEDO & HEBE/JB Pictures and Videos. [SCAM] [The software has a trojan (Scanned by Kaspersky BEWARE!!!)]
  • SuggesTeen - Just recently added. Images of mostly young/early teen-girls but also boys. (Though, the hardcore images seems to be censored!!)
  • Childs Heaven A new foru
  • FunPerv Articles illustrated with nude pictures of babies, children and teenagers


Defunct Tor Hidden Services

Please check dead hidden services for rules on moving sites to this list. For older defunct sites see List of pedophilia-related defunct hidden services.

  • PreTeenFeetLove (info) - New forum for the lovers of preteen girls and boys feet. New members needs an application post to get in. Once your application is reviewed by an admin, you can access the forum and see all the posts.
  • Elysium Girl-lovers Chat - Chatroom for girl-lovers. Focuses on girls in the 5-17 agerange. --BKA seized--
  • KidsWorld - Offers Own File Server To Quality Posters! [DOWN]
  • CCP - Cache of Cheese Pizza [CAUTION] [SCAM] - Images, sets, models. ATTENTION! While you've registered, you cannot view any images at all. The best is too not register. Once you've registered you cannot delete your account! Think this is a trap. And one of the slowest onions ever! [DOWN]
  • Opva Reloaded - video download site, requires payment in bitcoin. [CAUTION] [SCAM] [DOWN]
  • Cheese Inc. - Forum Allows Boys, Girls, Preteens and Jailbait [DOWN]
  • Paradise Village - a relaunch of the old Paradise Village forum. Unreliable, requires multiple steps to become a Full Member. Relaunched again [DOWN]
  • The Promised Land (info) - Forum for boys and girl content. Bitcoin and monero accepted. [DOWN]
  • CPTProject HTML5 Sharing and Streaming Video Community. JavaScript required for Video Streaming, without JS you can still download the video. [DOWN] (FBI STOLE)
  • Hebe Chan - new image board. [DOWN]
  • PTHCTor collection of PTHC videos. [SCAM] [DOWN]
  • Archive of Images, Videos, and Galleries [SCAM] [DOWN] - At least the file "sampleclips.zip" contains malware. The file contains an AutoIt-Exe and some files with obfuscated basic-code. It also contains an broken rar-archive, but no images or videos. I tested it in a virtual machine with Windows 7, which wasn't connected to the internet.
  • My Little Community - up and coming topic forum, open registration.
  • DevilFunding- New Crowdfunding website for girls and boys. If you have a dream, cantact the admin. [SCAM] [DOWN]
  • HCLinks: A good link list/directory for underage content. Has an active member group updating and adding links daily. [DOWN] [SCAM]
  • Scream Bitch (info) - Forum for sharing and discussing rape, torture, death and hurtcore in general. All posts must deal with real abuse of some sort or it will be deleted. (The registration is currently disabled) [DOWN]
  • Topic Links Forum: Communication, Literature and Resources[DOWN]
  • ToyBox (info)- New video archive similar in functionality to OPVA. 9444 videos in database, 394 pages. Registration is sometimes closed and sometimes open. Last known invite code is wheres waldo. [DOWN] If you found a similiar link to ToyBox, it is a SCAM site, phising for usersnames niks and passwords!!
  • MediaExchange - Video board. You must register but don't have to upload/post to get required. Upload limit to 400 MB. Just right over 100 pages filled with vids and clips. Unfortunately most are very short clips, reencoded clips and some adult stuff's and even spam. A very few real "golds" though. Site requires you wait 30 minutes after logging in before you can download anything. [CAUTION] [DOWN]


I2P eepsites work like Tor hidden services: fast and easy interface. I2P gives the same functionality as TOR, the ability to anonymously browse the web and access/create hidden sites within I2p. Downside is limited general content and very little 'on the topic' of this wiki.

  • iMule anonymous P2P filesharing - a number of HC videos are available for download in IMule.
  • IRC - channel #boyz on I2PIRC for free talks about boys and stuff, #bl.de for german talk. Also #pthc (not active)

We should update these links as much as possible.

Defunct I2P Hidden Services

Please check dead hidden services for rules on moving sites to this list. For older defunct sites see List of pedophilia-related defunct hidden services.


Freenet, like I2P, is one of the only systems good for anonymously sharing large files such as CDs, DVDs or entire hard-drives, but Freenet freesites unlike I2P eepsites and Tor hidden services, are paths instead of host names. Files and 'freesites' do not reside on one computer but 'float' around inside the Freenet network. Everyone running Freenet decides how much disk space he/she makes available for the encrypted data store. Unknown at this time how much safer or unsafer compared to TOR. See Freenet and How to Configure Freenet.

Freesite Indexes/Portals

Studios & Paysites (Nude)

Studios & Paysites (Non-Nude)

ALA: A Little Agency and related:

ALA: A Little Agency and related: Flower Studios, Radiant Studios, A Model Shop, and The VMS

AMS: Art Modeling Studios

AMS: Art Modeling Studios

Chemal and Gegg

also Dream Model/Global Agency AT

DolceModz: Latina Models

Dream Studio

Dream Studio: Flowermodels, Models Around and related

Magazine-Fashion and related sites

MagFash: Barby-Models and Magazine-Fashion which includes related sites Charming-Models, Dazzling-Models, Delightful-Models, Space-Models, Unearthly-Models, and more.


Newstar, Sweet, Tinymodel


Rebel Shooter


Shadowkittens, FReastern, and Dmetry Star

SweetDolls and Related Sites


See Also: Swiss Arts and Swiss Arts List of Model Websites


Teenmodeling.tv and Silver Sites

The People Image

The People Image, WALS (Sites very old, most keys probably dead)

True Teen Latinas

True Teen Latinas (changed name to Teen Beauty Fitness)




Frost Boards

To find the most active boards you can check out the Frost stats freesite here. To update your list of boards download the activeboards.xml then import it into Frost by clicking News -> Display Known Boards then click "Import ..." and select the downloaded XML file.

Frost Download

From SourceForge or its official freesite (can also be accessed from The file sharing service in the last official release can be spammed with junk files that will prevent Frost from starting after a few days of uptime. It is best to disable file sharing in frosts settings.


It is highly recommended that the sites listed below be used only for extreme cases (e.g too strong of a sexual urge and most of the hidden sites temporarily don't work). The reason for this is that all of the sites below are clearnet websites and therefore may put the Tor exit nodes across the world at risk. (Don't forget, the same goes for Tor sites that use clearnet hosts for file storage!) Tor endpoints through which child pornography has been viewed have been repeatedly raided Clearnet by the authorities. At a minimum this causes embarrassment for the exit node's owner and temporary confiscation of their machines. It can also result in jail time in some countries, as well as exposing the machines that connected through them to traffic analysis. So if you're good guy, use the hidden services, which use end-to-end encryption and don't put innocent people (exit nodes) at risk.

  • Ranchi Public Board Clearnet - Was the largest and most active public BBS on the Internet for almost 10 years. If the link doesn't work, check the gateways. (Try a Japanese proxy and/or a Japanese tor-exit node if having issues/problems entering!) [DOWN] - This looks really bad. Must been one of the biggest "temporary down" ever!!
  • Reverse Access Clearnet - List of image boards from East Asia. You will need to sort through links to find good ones. This is up as of 2015-05-01. And yes, with many lists.

Sample Search Engine Queries

The following items mostly count as resources even though some are technically chat/discussion sites.


eDonkey network was the P2P world's little secret. It was more technically advanced than BitTorrent, faster than Gnutella and alternatives, but for some reason it never got the market share it deserved. From early on the files were identified by hashes (ed2k links), long before BitTorrent switched to magnet links. Because of the way the client (first eDonkey and then eMule Clearnet) was setup, people were encouraged to share large folders of available files, not just seed individual releases. This made te availability of old content much greater than on BitTorrent. There was also a global network search, meaning the eDonkey network can function without servers, trackers or websites. Because of all that, one can easily get lots of pedo material just by searching for it (of course, there are many fakes too). ed2k is not secure, but because of its relative obscurity it can be safer than BT. There exists an I2P version (iMule, see below). [CAUTION]


See: FTP through TOR - safely and successfully


See: Usenet CP Resources

Defunct Clearnet Services

Please check dead hidden services for rules on moving sites to this list.

For older defunct sites see List of pedophilia-related defunct hidden services.


Mirrors of Hard Candy spread across the TOR network. However Hidden Wiki is not and cannot be responsible for the integrity of the content either there or here, so please be carefuly what links you are actually clicking on.

Mirrors are intended to be exactly the same website or information as the source information but due to the nature of Wiki, this is not always the case.

Dead Hidden Services

Do not simply remove services that appear to be offline from the above list! Services can go down temporarily, so we keep track of when they do and maintain a list of dead hidden services.

  • In addition to an onion simply being gone (Tor cannot resolve the onion), sites that display 404 (and use a known onion/URL based hosting service) are the only other thing that is considered truly DOWN. Presumably the account is gone.
  1. If a service has been down for a while, tag it with Template:Down using {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD}} (your guess as to when it went down).
  2. If a tagged service on the above list of live hidden services has come back up, remove the DOWN tag.
  3. If a tagged service is still down after a month, please move it (along with the DOWN tag) to the list of dead hidden services.
  • The general idea of the remaining four service states below is that, if the Hidden Service Descriptor is available, and something is responding behind it... the service is considered up, and we track that fact on the Main Page. If any of these subsequently go offline, append the DOWN tag and handle as above.
  1. Hello world's / statements, minimal sites, services with low user activity, etc (while boring)... are listed as usual.
  2. Broken services are those that display 404 (and do not use a known hosting service), PHP or other errors (or they fail silently)... any of which prevent the use of the service as intended. They also include blank pages, empty dirs and neglected status notes. Presumably the operator is in limbo. Broken services are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|reason}} (your guess as to when it went broken)
  3. Services that automatically redirect to another service (such as by HTTP protocol or script), have their redirection destinations noted in their descriptions. These are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Redir to site}} (your guess as to when it went redir)
  4. Sites that are formally closed via announcement are tagged with {{Down|YYYY-MM-DD|Closed}} (your guess as to when it went closed)


  1. Asks for bitcoin. Scam
  2. Asks for bitcoin. Added same time as many similar other scams.